Actor's Collective Trust


Uniting Pakistani Actors to Work Towards a Better Future.


We have an experienced and professional legal counsel available (at a discounted rate) for all our members facing any legal troubles related to agreements and their projects.


We believe in the power of unity and promoting all our members talents in an unbiased way to highlight their true skills and abilities as actors.


We offer a low cost medical insurance plan for all our members, through Jubilee Life Insurance with high coverage options at all major hospitals and facilities in Pakistan.


We work closely with industry stakeholders in order to not only minimize conflict at the workplace for our actor members, but also to improve and develop the quality of theatre, performing arts, cinema, film and television productions in Pakistan.

Who We Are

ACT is the first and only organization of its kind in Pakistan that unites and represents all actors from all mediums of the art, TV, film, theatre and radio. The vision and purpose of ACT is to promote, protect, enhance, develop and look after the interests of its actor members. In that regard it sets itself to the following responsibilities amongst others -

  • Lobby for the interests of actors by making representations to Governmental authorities, PEMRA, PTA, PBA etc.

  • Lobby with relevant trade partners to formulate standard operating procedures for the film and drama industry

  • Represent the fraternity at the international forum

  • Promote all aspects of the art and foster education and awareness among members and the community

  • Promote the trade across Pakistan in non-traditional hubs of the industry

  • Raise a fund for the support and assistance of actors in dire need

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