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Meet & Greet at Governor House
July 10, 2021

10th July 2021 turned out to be a memorable day for ACT. On this day a Friendly Resolution was signed between ACT and it's trade partner association, UPA. The joint signing took place at the Sindh Governor House with the blessing of Governor Imran Ismail.

ACT & UPA made history today as they are the first recognised trade associations of Pakistan to join hands for the betterment of the Pakistani entertainment industry, it's workers and all other related stake holders.


Four senior members of the actors community were recognized for their lifetime achievements during the ACT event at Sindh Governor house on 10th July 2021. Begum Samina Ahmed, (late) Begum Kursheed Shahid, Qavi Khan Sahab & Talat Hussain Sahab. Honorable Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail distributed the ACT Merit of Honor certificates on the occasion.

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