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United we stand, divided we fall.

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Become a Member


As a member, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • Become part of a select national community of actors

  • Use the ACT Standardised Contracts to better protect your interests

  • Vote for or even become a member of the Board of Trustees to make decisions to better serve the fraternity

  • Enjoy discounts on various trades related to the discipline

  • Enjoy a discounted health insurance

  • In case of disputes have the opportunity to settle out of courts through arbitration with an official ACT legal representative

  • Be part of the annual ACT Awards



ACT does NOT operate on a multi level membership but ensures and expects a high standard of discipline and responsibility from its members that it seeks to serve. Therefore the potential member must meet the following criterion:

  • Persons of any age

  • Pakistan nationality (who hold any such bona fide documents like an NIC, NICOP, Pakistani Passport, Domestic domicile etc)

  • Have worked in any of the mediums of theatre, tv, radio or film for at least 3 professional commitments

  • Executes and abides by the Code of Conduct provided by the Board of Trustees


Conditional to post application screening those who meet the above criterion shall be made members of ACT with an annual membership fee.



After completing the form below, your application will be reviewed and you will receive notification via email either way. Please review the membership criteria before filling in the application form.


The application will be considered after all formalities are completed, including:

  • Duly completing the form

  • Attaching a passport size photograph

  • Attaching a copy of the NIC/NICOP/Passport/Domicile

  • Submission of the annual membership fee of Rs20,000 (Health Insurance Included)

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